Monday, December 2

Introducing Catoe 4.0

Lian Yan Qi
That's either strabismus or nystagmus making it appear as strabismus.

Our social worker called to say we got PA on Wednesday. So I can show you her picture (but not tell you her Chinese name nor date of birth). But I can tell you the name we will give her…

Anika Claire. (This is how you pronounce Anika, though we plan to call her Ani, like Ani DiFranco.)

And yes, of course there’s a story that goes with the name.

It was spring 2011 when Kris and I began to panic at the notion think of adopting again. Around the same time, Kristie asked me to design a birth announcement for Anna Ruth. So I had names on the brain.

“We always meant to use my mom’s middle name,” I mused. “Mom was the youngest. If we adopted again...”

Stop it, I said to myself. Stop thinking about it.

But I couldn’t.

“Cash and Ben are both one syllable names. Zoe is two. I’d want whatever we call the next one to be two syllables.”


“It would be cute if her name started with an A because then we’d go from A to Z.”

I remembered the time Kris and I were walking around the Food World in Rainbow City (when he and I started dating, I lived at Sutton Bridge Apartments). We passed a soft drink display that got us talking of names (long story) and I told him that if I ever had a son, I wanted to name him Bentley. To pass along the name since I’m an only child.

Kris told me he liked the names Atticus and Anika.

Anika Claire. Call her Ani. (We do so love us some Ani DiFranco.)

Lian Yan Qi

Our agency expects we’ll get our LOA soon and anticipates we’ll travel about three months after that. So… spring in Beijing? That sounds nice.

She’ll still be one.


Amanda said...

Love, love, love. Congratulations!!

Candy said...

So then this is not the child you had mentioned some time ago that was in Huainan because she's too going, right?

LBC said...

Candy, you are correct. I'll message you on Facebook with a little more detail.

Tina said...

Congratulations! I know it wasn't the original plan, but this just seems meant to be...I'm so, so happy for you guys!

LBC said...

We're really happy, too, Tina! But I'd still like to ask for prayers for the little girl in Zoe's province. I want her to find a permanent home as well!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes dreams do come true. She is a very lucky little girl to get such a special family. Congratulations and keep us posted! Linda Abel